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Certification Program

ASDP Professional Education and Certification Program

This document describes the professional education and certification program for the Alliance of Supplier Diversity Professionals (hereafter referred to as the ASDP).

The ASDP requires a certification and educational program to recognize, evaluate, and train professionals who work to ensure their company or organization meets its Supplier Diversity goals. Supplier Diversity goals support business, while ensuring that all small business owners get a fair chance at competing for contract opportunities.
The increased emphasis of Supplier Diversity requirements from the Federal Government, state governments, and commercial businesses has resulted in the need to standardize practices, comply with numerous regulations, and accurately report diversity statistics. The ASDP is the national resource for Supplier Diversity Professionals, and offers a full battery of professional development courses for members ranging from novice Supplier Diversity Professionals to seasoned Supplier Diversity managers.
The ASDP has developed a Supplier Diversity Body of Knowledge, which has resulted in a meaningful set of professional development courses, which could be applied to Supplier Diversity Professionals at all levels on a national basis.

Professional Education Course Descriptions
Below are descriptions of the courses currently offered by ASDP. The general format for the courses will be as follows:

  1. Seminar schedule
  2. Review of desired learning objectives
  3. Course curriculum including exercises for comprehension
  4. Question and answer session
  5. Survey
Courses will be offered at various times and in different locations and can also be taught on location by request. Contact the ASDP Chair of the Education Committee at or check the ASDP website at After each course description is an assignment of Continuing Learning Credits (CLCs) for the successful completion of each course.

Supplier Diversity Body of Knowledge

SD100 Introduction to Supplier Diversity
This course is the introductory module for new Supplier Diversity Professionals and for those in need of a refresher course. SD100, based in part on the DCAA-developed SBLO101, will cover basic descriptions, definitions, and requirements encountered by Small Business Liaison Officers and other Supplier Diversity Professionals. In addition, it will cover the history of the laws that led to the formation of the Supplier Diversity profession. (0.4 CLC)

SD101 Preparing Subcontracting Plans
This course has two parts. SD101A details the required elements of a subcontracting plan as dictated by various Government and commercial entities. Different types of subcontracting plans will be explained. Second Tier subcontracting plans will be discussed. SD101B provides instruction and guidance for developing a subcontracting plan. (0.4 CLC)

SD201 Preparing for Customer Reviews
This course provides a description of the elements of a Supplier Diversity Program Review. Successful completion of this course will provide the student with the tools to prepare their corporation for a program review by their customer. (0.4 CLC)

SD202 Mentor-Protégé Program
This course has two parts. SD202A describes the Mentor-Protégé Program. SD202B provides details of mentor-protégé programs within various government agencies. Upon completion of this course, the student will have the tools to identify potential protégés, and develop and propose programs to different organizations. A “lessons learned” module will include information on how to avoid negative experiences with the Mentor-Protégé Program. (0.4 CLC)

SD203 Customer Reporting
This course provides instruction how to complete the Individual Subcontracting SR (previously SF294) and the SSR (previously SF295) for contract reporting of progress toward meeting subcontracting goals for the Department of Defense and requirements for NASA. Typical reporting practices for commercial entities will be described. Instruction on how to track internal statistics is provided in this course. (0.4 CLC)

SD204 Sourcing Strategies
This course describes the various sourcing strategies available to the Supplier Diversity Professional. Successful completion of this course will provide the student with a template for developing a business case for Supplier Diversity and will describe methods for including diverse suppliers in their procurement plans. (0.4 CLC)

Certification Exam
There is one certification exam which encompasses the information contained within the six ASDP courses. Although completion of the courses is not required in order to be eligible to take the certification exam, completion the courseware is highly recommended.

Certification Levels and Prerequisites
The ASDP currently offers one level of certification: Certified Supplier Diversity Professional (CSDP).

Prerequisites for certification are outlined below:

  1. Member in good standing with the ASDP. Yearly dues are paid in full.
  2. Educational Experience : Minimum of B.S. or B.A. degree. A waiver of the Educational Experience requirement can be obtained by submitting an Educational Experience Waiver Form, if the applicant has worked in the Supplier Diversity field for a minimum of eight (8) years.
  3. Work Experience : Minimum of two (2) years of employment in the Supplier Diversity field or with responsibilities in Supplier Diversity. If a waiver was used to satisfy the Educational Experience requirement, an additional two years of Work Experience is required to satisfy the Work Experience requirement.
  4. Successful completion of certification exam (70% or better) .
The CSDP certification is valid for three (3) years from the date of the exam, after which the certification must be renewed.

Certification Renewal
Certification must be renewed every three (3) years. In order to renew certification, a Certification Renewal Form must be completed. These forms are available at the website. Requirements for renewal are as follows:

  1. ASDP member in good standing
  2. Completion of three (3) of the following nine (9) activities:
  3. Email proof of the 3 choices above to
a.  Actively participate in ASDP training either as speaker or planner
b. Attend at least one (1) ASDP Annual Meeting during the previous three years (Other conferences where technical, administrative, and/or managerial applications on Supplier Diversity are discussed or demonstrated also fulfill this requirement)
c.  Obtain 9 credits, CLC’s, or other continuing education units from a university, college, government, industry, or professional organization (e.g. ASDP, NCMA, DAU) for courses and/or seminars related to Supplier Diversity
d.  Author and have published at least one (1) paper, thesis, or article on Supplier Diversity
e.  Participate in community- or state-oriented Supplier Diversity activities
f.  Attend at least three (3) ASDP regional meetings per year
g.  Serve as ASDP Officer
h.  Serve as ASDP Committee Member
i.  Be involved in Supplier Diversity activities through employment
j.  Successfully complete the current certification exam.

     3. Email Proof of the 3 choices above to
     4 .Submit Certification Renewal Fee

ASDP Emeritus Standing
As a result of various events, a member who has attained the CSDP Certification may leave the Supplier Diversity field or may enter full retirement.  This member can retain the CSDP Certification indefinitely without Certification Renewal requirements by complying with the following requirements:
  1. ASDP Member in good standing
  2. Completion of CSDP Emeritus Standing Form

Fees for Professional Education Courses and Certification
The ASDP recognizes the need to generate enough revenue to support certification activities and the educational program.  For example, professional development courses must be kept up-to-date, educational materials must be purchased, and travel may be required.
Course registration is open to both members and non-members.  The ASDP Website ( will have the most up-to-date listings of courses being offered.  In addition, courses can be taught on-location as requested by a sponsoring facility.  A minimum class size of fifteen (15) students per class will be required.  For additional information about organizing an on-site educational event, please contact the ASDP Chair of the Education Committee at 

The normal registration fee schedule for regularly-scheduled classes offered by the ASDP is determined by the time and place of the event. 

Records of student registration, course completion and certification status will be maintained within the ASDP website and will be purged after seven years.  Students needing a reprinted course completion certificate should contact the ASDP Chair of the Education Committee.

Instructors will be selected by the ASDP Education Committee on the basis of experience, familiarity with the course content, and teaching skills. 
The ASDP Education Committee will provide the instructor with the results from the surveys from previous times that the course was instructed.  It will be the responsibility of the designated instructor to review the course content prior to course instruction to insure that the course content is current and accurate.  Any changes to the course curriculum must be approved by the ASDP Education Committee.  Instructors will not discriminate against learners in any manner and will maintain high standards of professional conduct at all times.

Summary and Conclusions
The ASDP Professional Education and Certification Program provides a means to educate novice Supplier Diversity Professionals, as well as to continue education for veteran Supplier Diversity Professionals.  Through completed student surveys and regular Board of Director and Education Committee meetings, new areas of focus will be identified to insure that the educational program is continually updated.  In recognition of the experience and education of Supplier Diversity Professionals world-wide, the certification system implemented by the ASDP will provide a standard for the Supplier Diversity profession.
ASDP does not endorse any particular event or verify the accuracy of any information provided in the associated links.
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