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The Supplier Diversity Professional Manual – A Guide to Program Excellence © Copyright ASDP, 2009. All rights reserved. ISBN 0-615329-60-8.

The Manual was developed by Supplier Diversity subject matter experts from ASDP. It is used as training material in the ASDP training and certification program. The soft cover Manual has been recognized as the most valuable resource for professionals new to Supplier Diversity programs as well as to senior Supplier Diversity Professionals and other purchasing professionals who touch Supplier Diversity matters.

Key topics covered include:

Why Have a Supplier Diversity Program?
What is a Diverse Supplier?
How Do You Become a Supplier Diversity Professional?
Basic Activities as the Supplier Diversity Professional
How to Start a Supplier Diversity Program
Supplier Diversity Training for Your Company
Improving and Assessing Your Supplier Diversity Program
Subcontracting Plans
Preparing for Customer Reviews
Types of Reviews
Mentor-Protégé Programs
Supplier Diversity Metrics and Customer Reports
Electronic Subcontracting Report System (eSRS)
Sourcing Strategies and the Impact on Small Business

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